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    Retail Buzz: It’s Sweet To Pair With Local Businesses

    We met Claire Marin, co-founder and beekeeper of Catskill Provisions, at an Ascot Chang press preview last February in New York. She was making cocktails for guests using her delicious honey whiskey. I am not typically a whiskey drinker, but I enjoyed and devoured the entire drink.

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    Meet the Maker: Claire Marin of Catskill Provisions

    “You know, there’s just a freedom about New York that I’ve always felt. I visited many states in the U.S. since I’ve been here, and I just feel that there’s a history here of making history,” says Claire Marin, proprietress of artisanal food company Catskill Provisions. 

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    Buzzworthy truffles from Catskill Provisions

    In its new line of handcrafted truffles ($50 for a nine-piece box), Catskill Provisions has married the classic confection with a more complicated partner: honey.

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    The universal gift anyone can appreciate during the holidays is most definitely a stiff drink.

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    New York Honey Rye Whiskey Review

    I recently stopped in my local liquor store a few hours before a significant snowfall. The woman entering the store ahead of me turned and said, “Some people go to the store for milk and bread, some of us go to provision whiskey.”

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    Catskill Provisions’ Pancakes Are Local, Organic, and Quite Tasty

    You might know the upstate beekeepers of Catskill Provisions for their raw wildflower honey, or their more recent foray into the maple-syrup business

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    Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Favorite Locavore Bottles

    Excellent handcrafted rye whiskey infused with late-summer Catskills honey. The honey is underlying, not in your face or overly sweet. Use in a Manhattan and skip the sugar.

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    Sweet On Honey Wine, Beer & Booze

    Honey, and the bees who produce it can command an almost religious dedication. Its taste, color, consistency, health benefits (real and imagined), history (and mythology) have bestowed an almost mystical quality on the sticky liquid.

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    Is there anything better than a serious spirit that you can sip neat without making a whiskey face? You know – that contorted look that falls on the spectrum between Clint Eastwood face and sour-patch-kids face. What I’m talking about is a smooth spirit that the whiskey beginner and connoisseur alike can drink on its own. Meet Catskill Provisions New York Honey.

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    Whiskey’s turn in the spotlight: 5 craft brands to try

    Catskill Provisions mixes its late summer honey with Finger Lakes Distillery’s handcrafted rye to create an 80 proof, flavored whiskey.

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    Happy Bees Do Make Better Honey

    Flavored Craft Whiskies such as Catskill Provisions Honey Flavored Rye Whiskey offers new levels of expertise in the hands of a home mixologist. The honeybee, weaving a veritable pot of gold, transforms the attentive drinker into a conceptualist who communicates with good taste.

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    10 Craft Whiskeys You Have to Try

    Buying whiskey from craft distillers is not only a responsible way to spend your drinking money, but it will also net you some seriously good booze from people who aren’t afraid to experiment with the form.

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    How a Hobby became a Passion

    Claire Marin, shows us the ancient spirit has a life of its own when she blends it with just the right touch of local honey. Resulting in a rich, smooth and downright delicious flavor.

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    Celebrate National Pollinator Month with Catskill Provisions

    When I tasted Catskill Provisions’ Honey Rye Whisky I thought wow! It’s amazing that the honey isn’t sweet and speaks more to true natural honeycomb flavor.

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    Refreshing Honey Ginger Lemonade

    Wherever you are, you’ll want to enjoy something refreshing to drink, with the tinkle of ice in your glass, preferably garnished with a fresh sprig of mint or perhaps an unexpected herb like thyme.

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    Celebrate World Honey Bee Day on August 18th

    In celebration of the Pollinator Partnership whose mission is to protect pollinators to ensure healthy ecosystems and food security, Catskill Provisions is teaming up with the female members of the New York Chilled 100 to mix-up some sexy and delicious cocktails with their New York Honey Rye Whiskey.

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    Table Talk: Claire M. Marin, Catskill Provisions Inc.

    There is a lack of consistency in gourmet food ingredients. We have been bringing local and delicious artisanal ingredients and spirits to chefs, restaurants and cocktail bars at affordable prices consistently for 7 years.

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    When I recently began working with local NY Artisanal Food & Craft Spirits company Catskill Provisions, I rediscovered the beauty and charm of the Western Catskills.

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    Summer Lemonade Cocktail from Upstate New York

    The sunny color and refreshing citrus defines summer. Serve this lemonade cocktail at your next party, and treat your guests to a special rye that’s been infused with raw wildflower honey from the Catskills.

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    Claire Marin: Hear the Buzz

    It all started with the bees. Claire Marin’s partner had a country place in upstate New York where the two would go on weekends to escape New York City. In the spirit of a part-time country squire, Marin thought it would be fitting to give her partner a beehive as a gift.

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    Meet the Maker: Catskill Provisions

    When Claire Marin was a publishing executive at Woman’s Day, beekeeping was her hobby. Then, the face of publishing began to change—the printed communications world experiencing the rapid rise of the digital age.

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    Cheers Review - NY Honey Rye Whiskey

    Catskill Provision uses 100% NY raw wildflower honey as the feature ingredient in their small-batch products, including a line of honey rye whiskey infused with a dash of honey, maple syrup, chocolate honey truffles, ketchup, apple cider vinegar and pancake mix.

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    3 Whiskeys With Unusual Ingredients Worth Checking Out

    From the world of craft spirits comes this rye whiskey that contains farm-fresh honey. Proprietor Claire Marin began beekeeping 15 years ago. Her honey (and maple) business now supplies hundreds of restaurants throughout New York.

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    Beverage Dynamics

    NY Honey Rye Whiskey is infused in small batches with late-summer honey from New York’s Catskill Mountains for a flavor with notes of toffee, burnt orange peel and golden raisin, the company says.

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    Building Buzz

    Telling the stories of those who labor for the future health of the planet never gets old. Claire Marin, the founder and CEO of Catskill Provisions, is one of those fearless souls who left the corporate world behind to do just that, and she is leaving an impenetrable mark.

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    This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating a multitude of women from around the world who are making their mark in the very much male-dominated alcohol industry.

  • Our Favorite Women-Made Whiskeys

    Our Favorite Women-Made Whiskeys

    Using honey produced on her 32-acre farm in Long Eddy, New York, Catskill Provisions’ CEO and founder, Claire Marin, has been blending rye whiskey on-site for three years and is now taking the plunge and beginning her own distilling operation. 



    I am a serial entrepreneur. After a 15-year career in Publishing in NYC I started a business called Catskill Provisions in 2010 based in Long Eddy NY.

  • Faces of Entrepreneurship: Claire Marin, Purveyor of Catskill Provisions

    Claire Marin, Purveyor of Catskill Provisions

    Claire Marin is an entrepreneur who started as a purveyor of sustainably made, local honey in the Catskill region of New York. After discovering the small, rural town of Long Eddy in the Catskill Mountains, she found herself drawn to the bees and how they work in easy harmony with each other and their surroundings.

  • A Crop of Spring Whiskey

    A Crop of Spring Whiskey

    Yes, you did just see a pig flying past your window on a unicorn. I am recommending a honey whiskey. Catskills, NY-based beekeeper Claire Marin, a founding member of the Women’s Cocktail Collective, has created a whiskey sweetened with her own raw wildflower honey.



    Thoughtful gifts for drink enthusiasts.

  • Whiskey Makers Are Making a Play For Climate-Conscious Drinkers

    Whiskey Makers Are Making a Play For Climate-Conscious Drinkers

    By touting water conservation, forest preservation and even bee protection, distilleries put a green sheen on an industry with a heavy carbon footprint. 

  • Cherry Bombe Press

    Cherry Bombe Drinks and Catskill Provisions

    In the past week I was honored to receive recognition by Cha McCoy Editor of Cherry Bombe Drinks new offshoot of the fab Cherry Bombe! Her words and choice of images humbled me to the core. I could not be more proud to be among the capable, creative strong group of women who accomplish amazing feats everyday in-spite of the obstacles we encounter. #womensupportingwomen

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    Creating a sustainable line of gourmet products

    How Claire Marin of Catskill Provisions is drawing upon the local natural resources of upstate New York to create a sustainable line of gourmet products

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    Distilling Bee-Comes Her

    Both literally & figuratively, there are more women in the room today than ever before. It's promising and shows the staying power of women in the spirits industry; our talent becomes impossible to ignore.

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    Show Me The Honey

    Catskill Provisions and Glen Copack work like busy bees to re-package NYS Farm raised honey and mixes