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Our 100% raw wildflower honey is the star ingredient in our handcrafted line of products. Each is carefully sourced to include only the finest, locally harvested ingredients to reveal a unique blend of flavors, earning us accolades and a loyal following of chefs, foodies and cocktail enthusiasts.

Claire M. Marin, CEO & Founder

Born in Madrid and raised in New York City, Claire M Marin, proprietor of Catskill Provisions had already attained success in the corporate world as a national magazine Publisher. After moving to the small, rural town of Long Eddy in the Catskill Mountains, she started beekeeping as a hobby and found herself drawn to the bees and how they work in easy harmony with each other and their surroundings.

Inspired by their example, she began building her own business, drawing upon the local natural resources of Upstate New York.

Today, Claire tends to over 300 beehives in Delaware, Sullivan, and Madison Counties in New York State in cooperation with other local beekeepers to create small batch, hand-packed honey harvested several times a year.

The Catskill Provisions community has grown to include a loyal following from locavore restaurants, hotels, and specialty stores whose shared goals include a commitment to sustainable, raw, organic, local food products.

Together, we work towards the greater good: environmental protection, vibrant local economies, and, of course, our health and wellbeing.

Catskill Provisions products not only taste good, but do good. A percent of sales is donated to environmental causes devoted to saving the bees and other pollinators.

We invite you to partner with us—and Bee Proud!

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