Well, we are all experiencing something new aren't we? The pandemic that has caused all of us to retreat indoors in March and much of April has been challenging, to say the least. During that time, our work continued at Catskill Provisions. We all wore masks and we cleaned and disinfected our work spaces twice a day, and I'm happy to say that so far we have remained healthy. The work never stopped as we made hand sanitizer from our own non GMO alcohol, filled glass bottles and continued to distill our spirits.

We also opened our tasting room in Callicoon NY on Memorial Day. I was extremely pleased to be welcomed by the town and every customer that came out to support a local small business struggling to keep going and stay positive. A big thank you goes out to them!

The resilience of humans is immeasurable. We will persevere even in the darkest of days. We are all more open to waiting in line to get a coffee or a cocktail to go. We have found new friends and activities that fit the moment, perhaps even discovering a new part of ourselves. For example, I see people exploring hikes and fishing, now more than ever! Nature is always there for us to enjoy and get enveloped by its wonder. 

The bees! Well, they are thriving in our newly planted clover fields and our expanded vegetable garden and fruit trees. Here are some photos of them in action, in our pear blossoms in early April. Enjoy, and sign up for our newsletter where we'll keep you posted on happenings up in the Western Catskills, and we’ll share recipes and fun facts with you! Also follow us on Instagram for even more.

Honey Bee

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